If you are thinking of adding some extra space to your home in terms of kitchen, another room, playroom etc. you need to first think about the purpose to which it is going to be served. As there is no point in going for some house extension that do not have any reason. You can opt for a simple ground floor extension for a new kitchen, office or playroom or a large two storey for a new en-suite bedroom with a new kitchen and bathroom or any other kind of extension.

At Beni Builders we provide you with the service of extensions with which you can add on an extra space in your home. Our experts help you in designing, drawing and planning of the extensions. We can also assist you in taking the required permission for the extension and also guides you through each stage. Our skilled and qualified team are experts in all aspects of the construction from the foundations, plumbing, electrics, to the last lick of paint.

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